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Many Unique Concrete Services - Established in 1994
A company with over 30 years of experience in commercial asphalt and concrete repairs. Walkway Concrete Grinding & Raising, Inc. in Dallas, Texas, has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right - the first time.
We specialize in troubleshooting/repairing existing concrete issues without having to replace.
      Service commercial and multi-residential properties throughout the Texas  
      Multifamily • Shopping Centers • Commercial • Select Residential  
         Fully Insured with General Liability, Auto, and Workers' Compensation
  • Raise Sunken Sidewalks and Driveways
  • Pressure injection to fill voids under concrete
  • Grind raised sidewalk trip hazards
  • Interior Floor Grinding with Vacuums  
  • Professional crack, expansion joint sealing and waterproofing services
Get Safe Walkways 
                 Concrete Raising
                                 Concrete Grinding
                                                Trip Hazard Removal Specialists
                                                                             Get it done right the first time.

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Edwin Ruiz de Val

Walkway Concrete Grinding & Raising, Inc.

Dallas, TX 75203
Phone: 972-772-9101
Fax: 972-772-9117
Nationwide 1-800-887-1317
FAX  1-800-999-9339
We are flattered when others try to copy our business model...Ask for references and always make sure they have workers' compensation.

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